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Yes, we try our best to only display products which are in the filter category such as water filters, air filter, car filters, and ice maker filters; however, sometimes we may add a couple of alternative products that we find suitable.

You may suggest a product by sending us a direct email to contact@comparefilter.com, we will try our best to respond during 48 hours.

You can get in contact with our team via our contact page. We will defenitely look into the matter and have it resolve in no time.

Absolutely no, we made CompareFilter.com with the sole intention of providing a FREE service. Instead, we work directly with filter vendors and brands to help inform users of the products they offer and at the same time obtain revenue from doing so.

Not at all, product purchases are made via our approved online stores so you don’t have to worry about your data. With the exception of tracking users for analytics purposes and for other site features we do not in any matter collect, store, or transmit your private information.

3 months is the recommend time to replace any kind of filter, by doing so you allow maximum filtration.

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